Why The Rhino?

November 2, 2019

Hi everybody, this is Rick Cavallaro here, Rhino Realty Pros. 

We get asked a question very often. I thought I would take this opportunity to answer that question to let people know just where we come from and what we're all about. The question that we're asked all the time is Rhino Realty Pros, Where the heck did you get the Rhino from? What does a Rhino have to do with selling a home? As you can see, it's a part of our logo. People ask us that all the time. Let me give you the short version and here's how it goes.

Back when had been in the business about 14 years. We were single agents, Patty and I working together. We decided to expand the brokerage a little bit. Through the expansion, we needed a new name. We were at the time Cavallaro Realty. Well, that's great. It's my last name. However, A, nobody can say it, B, nobody could spell it and C, when you try to Google it, nobody could find us. It wasn't quite working for us. We decided that we needed to get another name. For those of you who know me, I don't do anything normal. I like to do things a little bit different. We looked at a whole bunch of different real estate type names, wasn't going to cut it. Now, we'll stop right there.

Let's go back to 1983. Yes, way back. I was in the restaurant business at the time. My father comes to me, and he gives me this book and he says, "Rick, you've got to read this book". He says, "I got this from one of my co-workers". He says, "This is you, go ahead and read it". Like any kid, I'm like, "Yeah, sure, dad, whatever. I'll go ahead and read it". Well, the book was called Rhinoceros Success by Scott Alexander. I read the book. I said, "You know what, this is me". I love it. I read it, I re-read it and I read it again. Probably read it 150 times since.

This was again 1983 way before the internet. On the back of the book, the author Scott Alexander had his actual, I think was his business residence or his business address. Happened to be literally within 10 minutes from my pizza parlor that I was owning at the time. I got out my yellow pad and paper. Remember no internet at the time, no email, none of that kind of stuff. I got a yellow pad and paper and envelope, a stamp, wrote him a little letter said, "Hey, Scott, thanks, love your book. You're so close. Someday, Come on in. Let's have some pizza. We'll talk". 2,3,4 months down the road goes by. Sure enough, who walks in? Scott Alexander. Got to tell you, it was like royalty walking in the front door. Stopped everything. Had some pizza. Scott and I had a great conversation. When we're all done, Scott looks at me and says, "You know what, Rick, been writing this book. You are definitely a Rhino, and I just want to take a minute and give you this", and he actually gave me this wooden Rhino.
Again, this is from 1983. You could see it's a little tattered, the horn is kind of beat up. It's been across a couple of states. This is the actual Rhino that he gave me back then and said, "Here, remember this, you are always a Rhino." Loved it. Put that Rhino on my shelf. This Rhino has been on my shelf at my house every day for the last 36 years. Reminds me of when things go rough. Things get a little tough, reminds me that I'm a Rhino. First of all reminds me that yes, God is in charge and He has everything going our way. Number two, He put the Rhino blood in me to make sure things are done.

In the book. The book basically talks about two types of people in the world, A, the cows, these are the people who kind of go to work, come home every day, quarter to five, look at their watch, time to get off. They get nothing done. Or the Rhinos, and those are the people with a two-inch thick skin, the Big horn, charge ahead, let's get things done kind of attitude, the type A personality. You want to be the Rhino in the world and that's what the book is all about. Amazon has it. Google it. Scott Alexander. The Alexander of Rhinoceros Success, great book, short read, you'll love it.

Fast forward back to couple years ago, before we were expanding the brokerage. We're back to looking at names, can't find anything. Patty, everybody knows Patty. My wife, Patty looks at me one day and says, "We're trying to find a name and can't really come up with anything that you're happy with, but you have that darn Rhino sitting on your desk for as long as I've known you". At the time, we had been married 20 years. We're almost 25 now. We had been married for 20 years and she had seen that Rhino on my desk for 20 years. She looks at me and she says, "Why don't you just call it Rhino Realty?" Wow, was that not the best thing ever? That's how we came up with our name. Rhino Realty, it's more of a mindset. It's more of a business. If you ever want to learn about us, read this book. We structured our entire business around this book. Scott and I are actually still friends on Facebook. It's been one of the best things that we have ever done. That's the story, that's what we're sticking with. Hope you enjoyed it.

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